The following persons have received their WUKF EQF Coaches qualifications from the Eur.E.Th.I.C.S Training Academy through the WUKF Coaches Education Program.

WUKF recognises that coaches play a huge role in the development of our sport across the world. We are committed to ensuring our coaches are as highly skilled as they can be, and we want to assist with ongoing learning and development.

The WUKF Athletes & Coaches Commission have prepared eLearning support in the form of a video which covers our rules and guidelines. This overview will help coaches better prepare their athletes and teams.

The WUKF Coaches Education Program is accredited by the EurEthICS Training Academy, which will allow you to obtain a certified EQF level qualification. We have introduced a graded assessment for WUKF Coach certification, which must be renewed every 2 years.

EQF 6: Senior Coach

  1. Mari du Preez, SZA (2023)

EQF 5: Coach

  1. Andries du Plessis, OkinawaKan Goju Ryu (2023)
  2. Christiaan Frederik Bossert, Okinawa Kan Goju Ryu (2023)
  3. Dean-Michael Richard Searle, TSKKIA (2023)
  4. Debbie Schoombee, SZA (2023)
  5. Denver Moonsamy, IFFSKSA (2023)
  6. Eimmil Charles Asser Smit, TSKKIA (2023)
  7. Marizelle van Niekerk, Okinawa-Kan (2023)
  8. Mathys Smith, TSKKIA (2023)
  9. Morrie Swart, SZA (2023)
  10. Gareth Hird, GKSA (2023)
  11. George Modikwe, SZA (2023)
  12. Giovanni Elvio Rossi, USR (2023)
  13. Jacques Badenhorst, USR (2023)
  14. Jacques P Muller, USR (2023)
  15. Ruandre Visser, OkinawaKan Goju Ryu (2023)
  16. Jamie, IFFSKSA (2023)
  17. Laurent Gaston Bellegarde, SASKA (2023)
  18. Marius Madgwick, GKSA (2023)
  19. Mark Dean Stephen Searle, TSKKIA (2023)
  20. Petro Robinson, OkinawaKan Goju Ryu (2023)
  21. Shukry Sedan, USR (2023)
  22. Skyla Bezuidenhout, TSKKIA (2023)
  23. Willem Albertus Potgieter, Okinawa-Kan Goju Ryu (2023)
  24. Willem Adriaan Coetzee, T.S.K.K.I.A (2024)
  25. Melany Cindy Abrahams, New World Shotokan (2024)